Wednesday, February 25, 2009

jerk ruined my day.

This week has been the strangest week I've had in a while. Lots of UP'S and lot of DOWN'S. Pretty crazy...anyhoo! Been trying to draw from life more. I should probably go to one of those modeling sessions, but for now I'm too lazy [actually I just really cherish what little time off I have]. These were done in classes while people were sitting still long enough for me to actually scribble something down. So if you catch me staring, I apologize...I'm just trying to practice![which Keith obviously strongly believes I need to do. whatever]


  1. these are really nice. i also couldnt help but notice this morning that during keiths class there is a drawing class next door that did not look too full. so that may wind up occupying most of my time during keiths class from here on out depending on how spunky i feel haha.

  2. hmmmm...maybe we should take a field trip over there occasionally instead of just wasting time in Keith's. That sounds like a wonderful idea :) might as well do something while we're doing nothing!